Recovery Routine

What can I be doing to aid in my recovery?

Recovery is as critical to performance as training itself. The idea of training is to provide the body with a stimulus or stressor. As the coach, the greatest training program is to provide an optimal amount of stress to the human system; meaning it is enough stimulus to push a strength/speed/power adaptation, however, it is not a stressor that is too large for the athlete to adequately recover from.

As a former athlete, and currently as an avid weightlifter, here are 3 tips I have found to aid in my own recovery:

    1. Sleep. Sleep is by far the most important thing to aid in my recovery. Find a routine. As an athlete, you crave structure whether you know it or not. I challenge all the readers to ONE thing and see if it improves sleep quality. Associate the bed with only sleep, that means only get into bed when you are ready to sleep. If you read, watch TV, do homework, find somewhere else to do it. This is trick that a psychology professor from my undergrad taught me and it has gone a long way. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.
    1. Nutrition. I am not a nutritionist, but here is what I found works for me. When I eat the same thing each night before bed it primes my body for my routine. It also is what I have found works FOR ME, to aid in my recovery. Since my freshman year of college, each night I have a whey protein shake in about 10oz of water, and a bunch of spoons of peanut butter. Again, FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.
  1. My pre-bed Mobility total 10 minutes (all found in the athletes warehouse youtube library): 1 minute of couch stretch each side, 1 min of pigeon stretch each side, 2 minutes of frog stretch, 1 minute of t-spine foam roll, 1 min of QL foam roll, 1 minute of scorpion stretch. For the last time, FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

There are my three tips. Give it a go! As always, stay strong.

-Jack G.

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