Athlete Spotlight: John Kowalski

John Kowalski is a senior standout soccer player out of Fox Lane High School. During his time at Fox Lane he was a 2-time Varsity Captain and a three year starter. He was also 3-time FC Westchester Captain. He received section 1 AA all-league honors in both the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons. In 2017 he and his team won the NY State Cup Championship. John’s current training is dedicated in preparation for his upcoming career as a Division 1 Soccer player. He is set to attend Holy Cross this coming fall of 2020.

From a coach’s perspective, John is the type of athlete that thrives at AW. His success in athletics are simply highlighted when witnessing him train in the weight room. “Coachable” is a term that is often thrown around, however John is not just coachable, he pursues training with an open mind mentality to always make an adjustment. This mentality is the root cause of his progression and why he will continually smash personal bests in strength and power metrics.

So here we sit down with John Kowalski to ask an array of questions related to training (and some not so related).

What initially drew you to becoming an AW Athlete? I realized that to perform at a high level during the season you have to work even harder during the off season and what better place to do that than AW.

What has been the most drastic change in performance you’ve felt since training at AW? I definitely feel more powerful when playing my sport (strength/ speed wise). But training also drastically changed my physique!

Reflect on your high school career… what would you tell your freshman self? Make the most of what’s in front of you. Play with confidence and enjoy the ride.

In the car on the way to train at AW, what are you listening to? Lil Wayne, Kanye West

What is the most questionable thing you’ve ever eaten before a training session?
A chicken parm wedge or a chipotle burrito. Both were very questionable before a training session.

Squat, Bench, or Deadlift?

Jacked arms or ripped abs?
Ripped abs.

Favorite local pizza spot?
Gianfrancos- Mount Kisco or colony grill-Stamford 

Any strange intra-workout habits?
I sometimes find myself singing while working out. It keeps me focused.

What’s your post workout recovery look like? Immediately drink a protein shake (preferably strawberry banana muscle milk) and eat a really big meal.

Pro sports or college sports on tv?
Pro sports.

Do you have any odd rituals before playing sports or working out?
I always tape my socks before a game.

Favorite part of AW?
Working out with a great group of coaches and bettering myself as an athlete and as a person!

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