This article has 5 drills that will improve your hitting in softball.

Begin by facing the pitcher with both feet while having the upper body emulate the positioning of a normal stance for hitting in softball. Without utilizing the lower half, allow the hands to slide into the correct slot and drive through the ball to an extension hold position.  Due to your hips being open, your hands are going to either want to roll over the ball or your torso will turn off too quickly thus creating a slicing action with the bat. In order to ensure that your upper half (hand path) continues toward the pitcher, this drill will reinforce that early over rotation does not happen before full extension is reached.

Go through the first half of your swing slowly and under control to bat/ball contact.Once arriving at the proper contact positioning, ensure the barrel is behind your hands and you are palm up/palm down with slightly bent elbows. Then, while leaving your lower half in the proper position for contact, retract your hands back to their original starting position before driving through the ball for a smooth full cut.

Start with bringing your front foot next to your back foot or slightly elevated. Separate your front foot from your back foot while simultaneously loading your upper half. Complete this twice before pausing after the separation phase and completing a full swing. The focus of this drill should be separating the back shoulder/hands region from the front hip/leg region. This proper separation position will ensure that the athlete is maintaining centrifugal stability throughout the swing opposed to drifting through the load and commitment phases of the swing.

Speaking of load and commitment….Begin this drill by separating the upper body and lower body to achieve the proper loaded position. Then, violently commit just the lower body by leaving the upper body in a loaded position. The commitment phases of the swing should be signified by the front heel making contact with the ground while the back heel comes off the ground. This violent action should be driven by the musculature of the hip region and not just elevating the body on the back toe.  Once separation has been achieved for a third time, complete a smooth full cut through the ball. Note that this should not be a power drill as the stretch-shortening cycle has been compromised due to trying to reinforce proper body positioning.

Jump back onto your back foot while simultaneously loading your upper body. Once the front side of your body has achieved the proper tilt angle, complete a full swing using the power harvested into the explosion of the hips into the swing.

Hitting in softball is awesome especially with these drills that work on hitting in softball. These drills make you better at hitting in softball.

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